Basic information on using the Droplet Labs website and app.

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    Android or iOS App

    We do not have an app for Android or iOS at this time. Our webapp, however, provides the same functionality of a native app.

    Android Home Screen Shortcut

    Using Chrome for Android, you can create a home screen shortcut for Droplet Labs. This will create an app-like interface for Droplet Labs.

    1)Sign in to your account.

    2)On the "My Devices" page, click the settings menu in Chrome: the three vertical dots ( ) in the upper right corner.

    3)Choose "Add to homescreen".

    iOS Home Screen Shortcut

    Using Safari on iOS, you can create a home screen shortcut for Droplet Labs. This will create an app-like interface for Droplet Labs.

    1)Sign in to your account.

    2)On the "My Devices" page, click the iOS share icon ( ).

    3)Choose "Add to Home Screen".

    Website and App Security

    All of our websites, our API, and communications to and from your device are encrypted with modern protocals and standards. If you do not see the green lock icon in your address bar (or https in front of our domains) something is wrong and you should contact us right away.

My Account

Managing your identity with Droplet Labs.

    Create a New Account

    Click here and choose "Sign Up" in the lower left corner.

    Delete My Account

    Please contact us.

    Change My Password

    1)Navigate to the "My Account" page (click here) after logging in.

    2)Then choose the "Settings" tab.

    3)Next click the "Change" button under "Change Your Password".

    4)Type in your old password and a new password twice. Then click "Save".

    Note:Please use a strong password and consider using a passphrase. Try not to use the same password on multiple websites.

    Lost My Password

    Click here to reset your password. You will receive an email with further instructions on how to set a new password.

    Note:For security, we cannot email you your old password.

    Never Received Lost Password Email

    If you tried to reset a lost password but never received our email please check your spam or junk folders in case our email got caught.

    You can also try requesting the email again by here.

    Otherwise, please contact us for help.

    I Think My Account Was Compromised

    1)Change your password immediately by either logging in and following the "Change My Password" instructions or by resetting a lost password.

    2)Contact us so we can help investigate any unauthorized access to your account.

    Note:Changing your password will log your account out of any other sessions where it is being used. This means whomever compromised your account will no longer have access to it. You will also need to log back in to any devices where you use Droplet Labs.

    Find a Missing Device

    If you installed a new device and it is not showing up in your list of devices here are a few steps to try to find your device.

    1)Ensure your device is connected to your wifi network by checking if the device is pulsing blue. If your device is flashing another color, please see the Troubleshooting section for help diagnosing your problem.

    2)Still no luck? Contact us for help.

Help with Portal

How to best use and troubleshoot problems your Portal.

    Install & Setup

    Quick Start Guide


    Portal needs your time zone to run schedules at the correct local time.

    Door Sensor

    The door sensor is the most important part of Portal. It allows Portal to determine if your garage door is open or closed. The sensor is hard wired for performance and security concerns.

    The wired part of the sensor must be mounted to your garage door jamb while the secondary piece is mounted to the garage door. The two parts must be within ¼ inch of each other when the door is closed and be aligned face-to-face.

    Note:Please make sure that the wire and the two sensor parts do not snag when your garage door opens or closes.

    Trigger Wiring

    Portal basically acts like another hardwired switch for your garage. The trigger wiring allows Portal to open or close your garage door. The wires should be connected directly to the motor unit in the same place the wires for any existing remote connect (each unit is slighly different).

    Note:Please make sure that none of the wiring snags on the garage door motor or drive components when the door opens or closes.

    Door Status is Not Changing

    If you garage door's status is not changing from "Open" to "Closed" and vice-versa as you activate the door, then your door sensor may be mounted incorrectly or nonfunctional.

    1)Make sure the two parts of your sensor are within a ¼ inch of each other when closed.

    2)Make sure that the two parts of your sensor are not located within 12 inches of a security system sensor or another magnetic object.

    3)Unmount the non-wired part of the sensor and touch it to the wired part. Does the door status change on the Droplet Labs webapp?

      Yes: The wiring is functioning correctly, however, the two parts of your sensor are mounted too far apart. Please mount them closer.

      No: Please continue below.

    4)Try touching a magnet to the wired part of the sensor. Does the door status change on the Droplet Labs webapp?

      Yes: The wiring is functioning correctly, however, the secondary non-wired part of the sensor is either too far away from the sensor or is defective. Please contact us.

      No: The wiring to your sensor is causing the problem. Ensure the connector from the wiring harness is fully and correctly seated to Portal and that the wiring has not snagged or been damaged.

    Note: Still having trouble? Contact us so we can help you figure out the problem and send you replacement parts if necessary.

    My Door Sensor or Wiring Harness is Broken

    If your door sensor or wiring harness is damaged you can purchase a replacement by contacting us so we can get you the correct part for your model of Portal.

    Door Will Not Activate via the App

    If you garage door will not open or close after hitting circular blue or red button then you most likely have an issue with the wiring to your garage door motor.

    1)Check the short end of the wiring harness from Portal to your garage door. The wire is actually two wires attached together. Both must be connected to separate terminals on your garage door motor.

    2)Are the wires connected to the correct terminals on your garage door motor? The wires should connect to the same terminals as your wall-mounted remote. The terminals are usually labeled as "remote" or something similar. Please reference your garage door motor's manual for help in determining the correct terminals for a wired remote.

    3)If you are sure you have connected Portal to the correct terminals on your garage door motor and you are still having trouble, try disconnecting the wires from your garage door motor and reconnecting them. Also disconnect the wiring harness from Portal and plug it back in.

    Note:Still having trouble? Contact us so we can help you solve this problem.

    Circular Blue or Red Button

    This is the button you click to activate your garage door. It works the same as pressing the button on one of your remotes.

    Button Lock

    Using Button Lock reduces the chance of accidentally opening or closing your garage. You can activate Button Lock under the Basic Setting for your Portal. Turning on Button Lock will require you to hit the open/close button twice to activate your garage door.

    Email Alerts

    You can receive email alerts from your Portal when certain events (open, close, or both) occur over various time frames. Emails will be sent to your Droplet Labs username. Alerts are specified per user, i.e. each user you share with can specify their own alert criteria. You can turn off email alerts at any time.


    Schedules allow you to automagically open or close your garage door at a set time or ensure that your garage is open or is closed at that time. You can create as many schedules as you would like.

    For example: Make sure your garage is closed every night when you go to bed.

    New Schedule

    1)Choose your Portal from "My Devices".

    2)Click the "Schedules" tab.

    3)Click the "New" button.

    Edit a Schedule

    1)Choose your Portal from "My Devices".

    2)Click the "Schedules" tab.

    3)Click the gear ( ) icon next to the schedule you want to edit.

    Remove a Schedule

    1)Choose your Portal from "My Devices".

    2)Click the "Schedules" tab.

    3)Click the gear ( ) icon next to the schedule you want to remove.

    4)Click "Delete" in the lower left and confirm.


    Your Portal records a log of every time your garage opens or closes. You can see the full history on the "History" tab.

    Each event shows what occured (open or close), when the event occured (time and date), and what caused the event (a schedule, user via the app, or wall mounted remote).

Help with Portal

Common tasks for all devices.

    Wifi Requirements

    Our devices require a consistent WiFi connection to the internet. The wifi network must use WPA2 security; Our devices will not work on a wifi network without a password.

    Our devices support 802.11 b/g/n networks and only the 2.4GHz band is supported.

    Initial Setup

    Your device requires two pieces of information when you first plug it it: your WiFi network name and password and your Droplet Labs username.

    Your WiFi information is needed to connect your device to the internet and is kept strictly on your device for security.

    Your username is needed to link the device to your account. Please make sure you have created an account before setting up your device.

    Lost or Forgotten Setup Key

    Please contact us for help.

    Share a Device

    Sharing a device allows multiple people to use a device without sharing your log in username and password.

    1)From the "My Devices"" page, click on the name of the device you want to share.

    2)Click on the Settings tab then click Share under "Share Your Portal".

    3)Type in the email address of the user you want to share with.

    Note:If the user has a Droplet Labs account, the device will be shared with them instantly. Otherwise, the user will be sent an email inviting them to Droplet Labs.

    Note:Only the owner of the device, the user who set the device up, can choose new users to share with.

    Stop Sharing a Device

    1)From the "My Devices"" page, click on the name of the device you want to share.

    2)Click on the Settings tab then click Share under "Share Your Portal".

    3)Click on the trash can ( ) icon to removed the shared user.

    User Never Received the Share Invite

    If you shared a device with a user who did not have a Droplet Labs account and they did not receive the email invite then the user can activate their account by navigating to the sign in page and filling out the lost password form. An email with further instructions will be sent to them.

    Reorder Your List of Devices

    You can change the position in which devices are ordered on the "My Devices" page. Click on the reposition icon () in the lower right corner of the device you want to move and choose a new position.

    Note:For obvious reasons you need at least two devices to do this.

    View the History, Settings, or Controls for a Device

    On the "My Devices" page click on the name of the device you are interested in.

    Technical Info

    This section on the "Settings" panel gives you some quick information about your device.

    Connected:The minutes since your device last checked in with our servers. Your device is always in near real-time contact but only communicates when needed. Usually this value is below 20 minutes.

    Local IP:The local IP address of your device on your home's wifi network.

    WiFi Signal:The strength of your WiFi network at the device's location.

    Model #:Your device's model number.

    Software Version:The software version your device is running.

    Serial #:Your device's serial number.

    Device ID:Your device's unique ID for communicating with our API.


    This will reboot your device. You should never need to do this unless you are experiencing some strange updates or issues on the webapp.


    This will wipe all data fromyour device and reset it back to its original factory condition. You will need to re-setup your device from scratch (setup wifi, add it to your account).

    Use this if you no longer have a need for your device, you are moving it to a new location, or if you are returning it. Your device will be removed from your account and will reboot upon completion. Do not unplug your device until the status light turns red or blinks green.

    Note:This action is not reversable.

    Clear History

    This deletes all of your history for this device.

    Note:This action is not reversable; your history is gone forever.

    How Do I Update My Device's Software?

    Software updates are completely automatic and do not require any user interaction.

    Device Status Icon:

    This tells you if your device is enabled. This is a setting under the Basic Settings for each device.

    Your device is enabled and will run any schedules that are set.

    Your device is disabled, no schedules will run, but you can use it manually.


Solve problems with your device.

    Device Status Lights

    Solid Red:Device has power. If the device was just plugged in, it will remain red until the boot process is finished (around 2-3 minutes). If the device stays red endlessly, try unplugging the power cord, wait 2 minutes, and plug it back in.

    Pulsing Blue:Device is powered on and connected to the internet. This is the normal status.

    Fast Double Green Flashes:Device is in hot spot mode. Your device will do this upon its first setup or any time you choose "Factory Reset" from the "Settings" page. Your device will also do this if it cannot connect to wifi. If your wifi network setup or password has changed, you will need to reconnect to your device's hot spot and provide the new wifi credentials.

    Blue Green, Blue Green Flashes:Device has lost its connection to the internet. Either your home's internet connection is down, there was an ISP outage, or the device lost the wifi connection. Please check your internet connection. If you changed your home's wifi setup, you will need to unplug the device to get it into hot spot mode to provide the new wifi credentials.

    Determine Internet Connection Issues

    If your device shows as not connected or the "Connected" message on the "Settings" page is greater than 20 minutes, then your device is having internet connectivity issues or another problem.

    1)Look at your device's status lights. If it is not slowly pulsing blue, than you have an internet connection issue.

    2)Did you change your home's WiFi name or password recently? Did you get a new WiFi access point or router? If so, you will need to unplug, wait, and replug in your device to get it to boot into hotspot mode so you can supply your new or updated wifi information.

    3)Is your WiFi signal strong enough? If your WiFi signal is too weak your device may not be able to connect reliably. Check if you can connect to your wifi network with your phone at the same location of your device.

    4)Can other devices (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) on the same wifi network connect to the internet and reach If not, you are most likely having an internet connectivity problem with your ISP.

    5)Is your home WiFi network secured and using WPA2 security? Droplet Labs devices only support this type of security and cannot connect to open networks.

    Cannot Connect to Device's Hotspot

    If you can see your device's WiFi network (hotspot) but are unable to connect to it here are a few things to try:

    1)Try disconnecting and "forgetting" the devicelabs_ap wifi network, then try reconnecting.

    2)Try using a different phone, tablet, or computer to connect to the device's hotspot.

    3)Unplug and replug-in your device, then try reconnecting once the device is in hotspot mode.

    My Wifi Network is Not Listed

    If your home's network is not in the list of available networks the most likely problem is your wifi signal strength. The easiest way to determine this is to check your phone's or tablet's WiFi connection in the same location as your device will be installed.

    Another likely problem is your WiFi network's security. Droplet Labs devices will only work with WPA2 systems with a password. WEP, corporate systems, or open networks are not supported.

    Device Cannot Connect to Wifi Network

    Droplet Labs device's will only work with WPA2 secured WiFi networks. Our devices's will not work on non-password protected networks or to networks using WEP or WPA security. If you are sure you have a WPA2 protected network, check your signal strength at your device using a phone or tablet. If your network signal is too weak, your device may not be able to establish a reliable connection to your WiFi network.


How to use the API.

    Does Droplet Labs Have an API

    Heck yea, of course we do! What modern website and app wouldn't have one?!

    How Do I Use the API

    1)Generate an API key for your user account by navigating to your user account settings.

    2)If you want to interact with a specific device, find the device's ID under the Settings > Technical Info for that device.

    3)Submit a request to an API endpoint per the API docs.

    API Documentation

    Haven't made them yet!